For questions or information not found here, please contact our management company, Associa McKay Management.

Associa McKay Management
5 Riverchase Ridge
Birmingham, Alabama 35244

Community Manager:
April Herrick

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    For questions related to individual neighborhoods and/or their covenants, please contact the appropriate Board members listed below. (click to open)

    Board Members


    President Margot Munger 205.873.1008
    Vice President Gerald Van Beek 205.240.2004
    Treasurer Ashley Cooper 205.222.9301
    Secretary Sallie Cox 205.999.0816


    Country Club Village Russell Woolf 407.491.6687
    Inverness Green Jim Baxter 205.981.1948
    Inverness Point Rob Fish 205.266.5432
    Kerry Downs/Heather Point Art Fleet 205.531.5655
    Kirkwall Judy Pemberton 205.616.6022
    Selkirk Angela Reed 205.876.9221
    Summerwood Kim Kilgo 205-568-2533
    Town of Adam Brown Margot Munger 205.873.1008
    Woodford Gerald Van Beek 205.240.2004
    These are exciting times in Inverness! Inverness offers all the amenities that homebuyers are looking for, and our Hoover and Shelby County schools are second to none.