Inverness: The Legacy of a Green Community

Inverness: The Legacy of a Green Community

news-inverness-bookAfter several years of compiling information and photos, the book is finally available – Inverness: The Legacy of a Green Community.

Inverness was a precursor to the “Go Green” movement. This book is about the history and development practices used to create the green environment for the 1,650-acre mixed-use community of Inverness in Birmingham, Alabama. The end result was proof that green development creates a valuable community and a better quality of life for those within it. Softbound – 90 pages with 59 color photos & maps.

Self-published by the author, the book is available (a division of Amazon).


These are exciting times in Inverness! Inverness offers all the amenities that homebuyers are looking for, and our Hoover and Shelby County schools are second to none.